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Network Design & Planning

Majority of mobile operators are facing high competition while ARPU by default declining globally as end customers demanding more services for less which is the case for all commodity services.

Thus, ensuring optimal network infrastructure and resources utilization without compromising on the quality of service to the end customers are key elements for service providers to retain their customers and maintain revenue growth.

Through our unique blend of expertise in E2E Network Planning and Design Services, we are able to offer to our clients optimal and efficient design that address future growth seamlessly.

Network Design & Planning

In radio network planning service, we cover all technologies 2G/3G/4G/5G and IoT. The radio planning services including Capacity and Dimensioning design aspect, through nominal cell planning, propagation model selection and tuning to coverage predictions verifications.

Moreover, we offer Site acquisitions, technical sites survey, site build specifications based on the final configuration, site verification, lease negotiations, infrastructure sharing requirements and negotiations, site acceptance from civil contractor and many more.

Similarly, we offer indoor solutions and coverage assessment and perform indoor design base on one of the four standard models including pure passive solution, active solution, hybrid solution and small cells to ensure cost effective proposal.

We provide transmission planning and design services that includes Microwave. Fiber, Leased line and IP RAN. We are equipped with certified IP engineering in IP domain who are capable to provide HLD and LLD of any network scale.

We offer comprehensive Microwave Planning access and backbone services including LoS Surveys, Microwave Link Budget Design, Capacity and QoS Planning for Packet Radio networks and Frequency Plan.

Network Optimization and Assurance

We are fully equipped and have access to top notch optimization experts who are committed to deliver quality projects.

E2E Network Optimization, Service verifications, KPI Monitoring and Improvement, network troubleshooting, KPIs Analytics, Parameters fine tuning are services that we are delivering with confidence.

Furthermore, we provide pre-launch Benchmarking, Audits and Optimization Services using classical drive test tools as well as post launch analytical and big data based tools.

We offer comprehensive Microwave optimization access services including Link re alignment to improve RSSI, Performance Monitoring tools, Troubleshooting and Performance Improvement External and internal Interference identifications and tuning, and much more.

Network Deployment and Integration

Tiberias Consultancy adopting proactive project management approach that consider time and material while anticipating potential constrains to conclude with the client a realistic PIP that ensure successful deployment targets can be met on time.

Time to launch a service and quality deployment is crucial for a mobile operator to keep ahead.
Tiberias Consultancy offers full turnkey rollout and expansion services for telecom service providers.

Network Deployment and Integration

Access and Microwave Deployment services includes but not limited to radio base stations and base station controller installation and commissioning with all associated power system deployments. Antenna systems of both outdoor mobile sites and in building passive/active solution installation are among the services we offer. Microwave antenna, outdoor unit and indoor unit installation and integrations service are offered and carried out with experts in MW links alignment and integration services. Remote Network Integration & Configuration techniques are further improving the deployment efficiencies.

Core and VAS network deployment and integration extends to cover both virtualized and classic deployment scenarios. Beside that we are offering Datacenter design and deployment service including all facility and electromechanical aspects of modern data centers.

Finally, equipment dismantling and decommissioning, swap scenarios of live network are offered and handled without any compromise on network stability and availability.

Network Operations and Field Services

Network Operations and Field Services

Robotics and Automations are key in creating operational efficiencies as well as proactiveness and thus both are adopted by Tiberias Consultancy. Only with proactive and predictive maintenance customer experience can be attained. Tiberias Consultancy strongly believes that continuous improvement can be further achieved by adopting fault correlations and root cause analysis by utilizing the big data analytics techniques.

Tiberias Consultancy extends its Network Operations experience in transformation of operations centers to create value for its clients.

Procurement and Contract Management

Tiberias Consultancy is offering E2E procumbent and contact management services including drafting RFIs, RFPs, equipment and service specification, technical evaluations and vendor selection, contact preparation and negotiations, purchase order preparations and issuance, and many more that will help our clients to ensure win-win, cost effective and risk-free deals.